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Meta Description Not Showing

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Hi all:

Has anyone faced issues with the collection meta descriptions not showing on Google? We are seeing this with our store's collection pages. This collection for example:

Instead of picking the meta description we've entered for this collection in Shopify, Google keeps showing the actual text from the online page instead. Can someone please look at our code and help?  

Many thanks!!


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Hi Arash!

If you have entered a meta description on your collection page via the search engine listing preview area at he bottom of the collection and it is not showing up yet, it has most likely not been crawled by the search engines yet.

To speed this up you could use a service such as Ping-o-Matic that alerts the search engines that changes have been made to your site. Also, it is helpful to submit your sitemap to Google by taking advantage of Google Search Tools. This lets Google know to take a look and start crawling your site and also updates any changes you made.

If you have done this and given it some time and your meta description still doesn't appear, we may need to have a look at your Theme code to see if there is something overwriting it. If you are using a Shopify made Theme, you can contact us on our support channels, if you have a third party Theme, your Theme developer will be able to check the line that line displays the SEO description on collections.

All the best,

Kerstin K.

Kerstin | Shopify 
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Hi Kerstin: We have used Fetch tool by Google already and given it a few weeks to crawl but the issue is not being resolved. Our theme is Pixel's Pacific and they are not being very helpful. Any chance you can look at our code and help? 

Thank you for addresisng our query regardless!


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Meta descriptions are there to give the search engine some preferred text to display. What actually shows is up to the search engine so they can skip your meta descriprition if they think there's better content elsewhere on the page.

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Hey Arash,

I took a look at the code, and it looks like the meta you have in the code on the page is as follows:

<meta name="description" content="Never Overpay for Custom Curtains &amp; Drapes Again. Buy Fair-Priced, Made-To-Measure Curtains Online with FREE Shipping. Stunning Fabrics. Flawlessly Hand stitched." />

I am also seeing that in the Google SERP when I search for the term "spiffy spools curtains" so in my case I'm seeing Google pull the exact Meta you have setup on your page. If this is not the Description you have setup through your theme then there may be an issue.