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Meta description of home page

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Hello  all,

I have an issue with the meta description of my website homepage, as when I search for it on Google it shows the below description instead of the SEO test I wrote in the Shopify set up:

"Enter using password. TBL furniture. Opening Soon. Find out when we open: Email. Submit. Enter store using password: Password. Enter."

can you please advise?

thanks a lot,



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Hi Ben,

Is your store in password protect mode? You can check in your admin settings or log out and visit your home page URL to see. This is the most likely cause. If your store is live, Google just needs a few days to crawl and index the updated meta description.

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Hi Joshua,

I just removed the password, I'll wait a few days and check again.

thanks a lot


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Hi Joshua,

it has been 9 days since I removed the password and nothing has changed. 

Is it possible that Google has not crawled the page yet?

Many thanks,


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Yes, it is possible.You can try to speed the process by submitting a sitemap. Here is how you can do it:

I hope this is useful!

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Hi all,

I removed the password almost 3 weeks ago and I recently submitted the map successfully, but the meta description shown is still:

"enter using password. TBL furniture. Opening soon. Find out when we open: email. Etc..."

could there be any other reason for it? 

Many thanks again,


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Did you check the meta description of your home page?

It may be set wrong to the password protected text. So it can't be updated. I am not sure if it's related to your theme as well. 

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Hey Ben, 

Were you able to find a solution for this? I am facing the same problem. 

If you've fixed it on yours, could you please help me resolve mine?




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A meta description is also known as meta tag and is an important aspect of the website. It acts as a 155 - 160 character and is useful in describing the content of the web-page. A proper meta description should include the focus keyword so that the search engine can help it rank higher in the search engine result pages.

These are the following elements as to make a good meta description -

Try to use active voice and make it look actionable so that it can look active, motivating and addressable to the visitors on the website.

Show Specifications wherever necessary which is a good and magnificent idea to focus on the technical specs so as to optimize the results accordingly.

Always make sure that the content of the meta descriptions matches the content of the website and the page which is a good option for landing more and more visitors on your page thereby increasing the organic visibility of the website.

Make sure that the descriptions are unique instead of creating the duplicate meta descriptions.

>>Firstly check in your admin settings or visit your homepage URL for the same. If your store is live and functioning properly then Google might take few days as to crawl and index the meta descriptions.


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