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Meta-descriptions not showing on google

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Hello all,

A month ago (1 June 2021) I launched my store !!

Before the launch I spent a long time writing unique titles & meta-descriptions for all the products.

They are not being shown on Google. It's very strange as the info pages and home page correctly show the unique titles & meta-descriptions, but not the products.

In fact most of the 239 products aren't even being indexed.

Those products that are being indexed correctly show the title, but for the meta-description the product description is being displayed.

Here's an example product:

<meta name="description" content="We have Alvaro Palacios Gratallops available now at Top Wines. Hong Kong wide delivery!">

But here you will see other text for the meta-description:

I've read through many other posts in this forum and nothing has helped me with this. Main points:

- I have checked to see if there is duplicate meta-description text on the page - there is only one.

- I've re-indexed the heck out of the site through google console.

- I understand google can select the more relevant content from the page 60% of the time - in my case it is 100% (on the very few product pages that have actually been indexed)

- I have 399 pages, 239 of which are products. Only 221 pages have been indexed.


And as I've hit a dead-end, I am now turning all of you, in the hope of finding a solution to this highly irritating issue I have that is hindering my lovely wine store from showing its offerings!!

Please help!


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Dear @cdgerard 

Showing title or description on Google search results depends upon Google. If you add title and description and Google find other title or description (from your page )more related to user queries then Google shows that not your written title or/and description.

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Thanks, I'm fully aware of that, and as mentioned most of my products are not even being listed, and those that are being listed are not showing the proper meta-descriptions.

Any other insights please guys?

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Hi @cdgerard

I can see that there are 02 issues - the first one is that your indexed product pages don't have proper meta descriptions. As you might already be aware, what shown in your meta description is totally up to Google, and they often ignore your predefined meta description (source: A trick that I usually use is to make sure my meta description is the same as the first paragraph of my page. 

The 2nd issue is that more than 100 pages in your store have not been indexed yet. Given the fact that your store is relatively young, it can take up to 02 months for Google to fully index it. That being said, you can produce more blog posts. From my experience, blog posts are easier to rank, and you can pack much more information into your blog posts - which in turn let Google has a better understanding of your website content, your niche, your market, then drive internal link from your blog posts to your relevant product pages to create Content Cluster and get your product pages rank faster. You can learn more about Topic Clusters in this Hubspot article: 

Let me know if my answer is of any help with a thumb up, or like 😄 Cheerio

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Very helpful, thanks!