Meta Pixel / Shopify Integration - 0% catalogue match rate and maximise conversion value greyed out

Meta Pixel / Shopify Integration - 0% catalogue match rate and maximise conversion value greyed out

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Hi all,


I'm planning to running an Advantage+ Catalog prospecting campaign for a client who is new to Facebook and am setting everything up. It's the first time I've implemented a pixel via Shopify integration (pixel is connected to Shopify via the Facebook and Instagram app).


We have 2 issues:

  1. Catalog is saying 0% match rate and Item Add to cart / view content / purchases missing / not received in the last 7 days. But the pixel is set up correctly in events manager, connected to the catalogue in commerce manager, recording events accurately and I can see the required parameters such as content ID pulling through in the sample events (which also match content ID in the catalog) - see screenshots. So not obvious why this error is occurring

Screenshot catalog:

Screenshot events manager:


2. We'd like to optimize for maximise conversion value rather than conversions. But in the adset settings it's greyed out. Error message: "To use Pixel or Conversions API, you need to select an eligible pixel. Your performance goal is to maximise the value of conversions. The selected pixel isn't eligible for this performance goal. Choose another pixel." (see screenshot). Again the pixel has value parameter so not clear why this error is occuring



We've even tried creating an entirely new pixel in Business Manager and moving everything across to that and get both problems even on a different pixel. 


I am at a loss as to what's causing these issues so any help would be greatly appreciated! 


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Hi Jnellers1,


I have the same issue. Have you found a solution yet ?

I don't understand why the match rate is still 0% when I have all implemented correctly. 




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I'm getting the exact same problem with the 0% Catalogue match rate which is preventing me from running Advantage+ catalogue ads. Did you ever find a solution for this?