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Meta-tag for FB verification

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Hi All,


I'm having trouble verifying my Shopify account on FB. I have included the meta-tag as directed, however, verification keeps failing. 

Any ideas? Thank you!



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Hi @Ecoporium,


what kind of message are you receiving? Have you included the piece of code in the theme.liquid file? 


Send me a link to your store to and I'll help you out.
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 Third parties like Facebook require you to verify your domain. This ensures that you are the correct owner of your Shopify store before they offer their services to you.

To verify your domain, you must disable password protection for your online store. If you are not ready to open your store, you can disable password protection and then enable it again after verifying your domain.

To verify your domain.

  1.  On the third-party site, choose to verify your site using the meta tag verification method. For example, for Google webmasters, you can click the options button for the HTML tag in the "Alternative Methods" tab.
  1. Highlight the entire meta tag on a third-party website and copy it to the clipboard with cmd + c on Mac or ctrl + c on computer. Make sure everything is selected, including <and>

         a . From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store> Themes.
         b. Find the theme you want to modify, then tap Actions> Edit Icon.
       3. In the Layout section, click on Liquid theme to open the file in the online code editor.
       4. Paste the meta tag you copied onto a blank line just below the open <head> tag:
       5. Click to Save.
      6. Complete the verification steps on the Facebook site, and your verification will be done.

       What kind of messages are you getting 

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I am having the same issue.  any help for this?