Microsoft Ads UET tracking not working

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I recently created a new Microsoft Ads account, created a UET tag and followed the steps outlined in this article ( to implement it onto the shop.

I set up goals (purchase and checkout as per the article), but even after a few days these are showing 'no recent conversions' in Microsoft Ads. I downloaded the UET tag helper and went through the purchase process in Google Chrome which tells me that the UET tag on the checkout page is not found 'UET tag not found'.

I also read the Microsoft documentation (, but also this one did not provide any further insights.

Does anyone have any idea how I could fix this and get the Microsoft UET tag working? Keen to launch the account asap.

Thank you.


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Hi Yvonne, I was having the same issue. But discovered that the tag must also be installed on checkout.liquid as well, similarly to how you would install GTM which now requires installing separately for the checkout process

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but where do i find the checkout.liquid theme? i can't find anywhere in my code

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Hi @yvonne_pflieger,

If you are having issues implementing your Bing ads pixel you can use our app.

A couple of clicks and you are good to go.

Check it out!

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@WeDoTheStuff  at $15 a month? Wow!