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I created a shop that I want to migrate to the domain of another excisting website. For SEO reasons I'd like to keep the excisting URL structure in tact as much as possible. The problem though is that the excisting website has the following structure: https://www.brouwerijbreugem.nl/nl/bierkaart/. The /nl/ part I don't seem to be able to re-create for my Shopify shop. (The /nl/ is for the fact that it is in Dutch language, there is also /en/ in the URL's of the excisiting website for English language texts) For now I just need Dutch language for much shop, maybe later I will add the english version again.  Does anywone has any suggestions how to go about this? 

Your help is much appreciated! 



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I'm not exactly sure of the question, but there is some info about the international URL structure that Shopify can use here: 


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