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Migrating from BigCartel to Shopify - Need Advice on Redirects

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After 5 years with BigCartel, we're happily moving on to Shopify!  We have the entire front end and most of the background migration complete, the major task left to take on is redirecting the URLS.

We've tried to name all of the products exactly the same in hopes of making the redirects as easy as possible.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to accomplishing this the best and most SEO friendly way?  

Bigcartel simply has all products under .com/product/productA

Shopify seems to use collections and that looks to be a bit more tricky.  

Any tips, advice, or article links would be appreciated!


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Hey Justin,

Glad you're making the switch! The band I was in used BigCartel for a while too and we ended up moving to Shopify. Never looked back!

Now, collections do work a little bit differently, but it's just an easy way to organize different types of products. As far as the SEO, there's a section within each collection you have that lets you choose what words you want to use for people searching for any of your collections. 

Also, your store is pretty awesome. I'll be checking it out! 

Hope this helps,


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Hi Justin,

Here's an app that I found in the Shopify App Store that could help you with your move [it has 28 🙂 reviews and no 😐 or 😞 ones]: Traffic Control - Bulk Redirects by Aleksandr Media

With this app, you have the option of creating the redirects manually or uploading a feed to make them in bulk (which is exactly what you're looking for since you're moving your entire store).

A review from 8 days ago...

Successfully uploaded close to 800 redirects without any problems. This app was a huge time saver.

— Major Safety

Check out this screenshot (source: Aleksandr Media) - over 5,000 items being redirected (or in the process of it)!

Hope this helps and congrats on making the switch!


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It's been years since the question emerged but the topic is always up to date. It's now very easy to migrate your store to another platform, especially with the help of LitExtension. They developed an automated migration tool that transfer all your data to desire platform just within minutes. Of course! along with high level of accuracy and security.


Heard that you wanted to create URL redirects? So I'd better let you know that creating URL redirects is just a minor task for LitExtension's tool. They can even do a lot better than that with variety of additional options for you to fully customize you new store. Look around for a while the BigCartel to Shopify migration detailed information. You can give it a try the free demo migration to better visualize how the process shall be implemented.

In case you're too busy or just want to assign tasks to experts, reach out for their All-In-One migration package.


Their support team is available 24/7. so yeah, feel free to contact them for any question.