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Mismatched value (page crawl) [price] GMC

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prices in the feed content api are the same prices on the website

auto update prices is turned off

there is only 1 feed content api

i noticed that the affect listings are products/variants with a decimal value

most of the items on the store are whole intergers numbers ie £10


where did the value on website come from or is affected by?


if i change the price to a whole number that is the same as the value on websitem on products in shopify, the content appi feed via the google sales channel app updates the price and the error fixes



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It can easily get a bit techy to correctly find & fix these kind of things.

My first guess is (it may be related to) a currency conversion or variant thing. Ideally; compare raw feed data, page content and schema. Do that for a few products and it might help to locate an issue.

Some feed apps generate feeds that seem to trigger this kind of thing more often. Sometimes a fix might be a theme tweak, or a feed config change. Sometimes a more robust fix may be to change to another feed app that has a bit more flexibility.


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