Missing H1 tag on homepage?

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Hi everyone,

I ran my site through an SEO analysis tool, it came back saying that there is no H1 tag on my homepage.

How do I add this to the page? If it is done through CSS, files do I need to amend?

Link to site: https://thebespokesignhouse.com/

Many thanks in advance!


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This is Puneet from unbundl. 

h1 tag will not be added via CSS but via theme sections or adding custom content in liquid file. 

Basically your h1 tag should be the main content that describes your store or the main keyword. It is not yet present on your homepage. If you add a key section via theme sections, generally they give title a h1 tag.

I hope it helps. 

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Hi @KrisG2

Agree with @puneet_unbundl, you'd need to add H1 tag in your theme. Go to your theme.liquid file to add it, if you're familiar with Liquid. 

If not, it's advised that you ask a developer. Generally, missing H1 tag is not a critical SEO issue as long as your headings are organized and well-structured. i.e: 

  1. Title 
    1. H2
      1. H3 

 Google’s John Mueller explained that Google primarily uses Headings to understand content and its structure better. So as long as your content has a good hierarchy, you don't need to worry about a missing H1. 

Read more about how Googles use Heading here: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/heading-tags-for-seo/341817/#close

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