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Hi guys,

I have all my products on Google now through the Google Channel. I sell socks and they want me to fill in a size. My sizes are the only product attributes I have but it doesn't feed them to Google Merchant.

So I have a sock that has size: 39-42 and 43-46. I have added both sizes as product variants and it is absolutely fine in Shopify but Google doesn't seem to like this. I tried adding sizes manually in Google Channel Bulk Editor but it only let's you change the size per complete product and not per attribute.. This is really annoying and I have no way of implementing the sizes manually or automatically but there must be a way to do it. It seems so simple but yet so frustrating.

All other values I can add manually on product level but size value is a problem because that is on attribute level and when I use the Bulk Editor it shows a - and it is unchangeable.

Please help, this is driving me insane...

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Use DataFeedWatch. You'll get far more flexibility and control beyond just the issue you're having with the size field. Also refer to a chapter in my book on customizing all possible fields in Shopify. Tonnes of best practices in there as well to optimize other fields related to socks.

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I'm having the same issue with clothing. Were you able to get it resolved without having to pay for the $39 a month app the other person is recommending?