More Visitors ,No sales

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I tried by all means to design my store in such a way that it brings conversions. I put trust badges ,social media pages ,used loox for reviews and other efforts still no sales. What could possibly be wrong?

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, lebo!

My name is Jade, I am with the Social Care Team at Shopify.

I'm sorry to hear that you are not getting the sales that you desire in your store. We would be happy to provide feedback on your website. Can you please send us a link to your store so that we can take a look?

Looking forward to your reply!

Jade | Social Care ?

Jade | Shopify 
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Hi, lebo

From where your site is getting visitors? are you doing SEO or Paid campaigns?

are you targetting proper audience for your business? it is important to target specific age group and area to get relevant visitors. 

And as Jade said, please provide the website link so that we can have a look at your website and find the on-site problem if any.


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More Visitors but No Sales

1. Reset your goal and re-check the parameters in Adwords. Be clear if you want to build brand awareness or drive sales.

2. Check your keyword set. Have you specified broad match/phrase match/exact match? Added -ve keywords?

3. Is your target-group hitting right?

4. Check your keywords and landing page relevance

In a nutshell, figure out the critical area which is not letting you achieve your goal.

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Hi ,thanks for showing interest and here is my link

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Hi, the first two things that jumped out at me.  The photo of the cat on your home page is not high enough resolution.  It looks pixelated.  It should be a large photo so that it looks razor sharp on today's high resolution screens, like the one on my macbook pro.  

Second, you state in your FAQ that the shipping time is two to three weeks.  That's a fairly long time.  Most people probably want their product in a week or less, maybe even two or three days.  It sounds less safe, maybe, for it to take so long unless you're doing some kind of custom work like hand-made bracelets that have the buyer's name engraved on it.

Lastly, the whole shop seems a bit random.  I think that the most successful start-up ecommerce stores that people have never heard of before, will have a very strong message or story or theme.  Something that makes sense.  So, for the words Cats Beauty, I think of either makeup that makes your eyes look like a cat's.  Or maybe rhinestone collars for cats.  Instead, while you have some cat themed items, you also have a multi-layer bracelet.  I think probably your store is too random, too little cohesion to make a good value proposition for a customer.  People can find costume jewelry bracelets anywhere.  You need to offer something they can only get from you.  

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Sorry to hear you're not having sales. I'd love to share our stack of solutions that we use.

Cranberri for driving sales (

EasyDisqus for reviews (

Sales Pop for rep (


Hope that helps and best of luck!

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You are missing Backlinks my friend!

Build strong backlink profile, that's one and only key to rankings.

Read this How to on backlinks for ecommerce business.

Hope that helps. Thanks

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You can try to target some banners/popups/products for your customers by GeoLocated attribute.
Try to make it with (special for you I can give 50% discount code: OURBESTOFFER50 ) With analytics you can understand who watch and visit your targeted information

Roman Ananev, Simtechdev PM manager.
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Hey Lebo, 

Before you give up altogether, let me tell you I understand how you feel. You start your shop full of hope, you put long hours (and money!) into it, and then you see some traffic no results. But the truth is, you can make it work.

In my experience, the problem is usually not the shop itself, but the way you market it. While it's true you should avoid pixelated images (which may turn out convincing visitors yours is not a professional shop), the most likely scenario is that you are not targeting your advertising at the right audience.

If you wish to bring in traffic that converts, I recommend you start with Facebook ads, and set a campaign that:

- You optimize your campaign for conversions (purchases)

- Choose the location you wish to advertise on. If you are selling a product that fits a particular gender, and age group better than others, it is best to target that segment (eg. Women aged 18-45)

- In the Detailed Targeting section of the campaign setup process, choose people who are interested in other beauty retailers (like say, sephora, or maybe other smaller stores). This way you will have an audience that is already interested in beauty, but at the same time are into online shopping and expecting to get offers.

- Create sales ads that focus on specific products, and include price (or discount) and a clear call to action. My recommendation is that you try out a few different ads, in order to check what image and kind of language perform better.

- Direct your ads straight to the product page of the items you are advertising. Make sure those pages have a clear call to action.

This will allow you to target your products in an actionable way to an audience that is eager to buy, and that is interested in what you sell. If you can allocate a daily budget of $15-$20 you should be seeing results soon. And by results i mean not just traffic but also sales! Just make sure you are getting a positive ROI, as not to lose money.

I'm a digital marketer with over 10 years' experience and millions spent on Facebook Ads and Google Ads helping E-commerce stores and subscription-based businesses increase their sales. Visit me at to get some insights.
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Hi there

I'll also share some points on marketing. 

Have you researched your buyer persona? What channels do they prefer? 

What's your positioning statement? How do you differenciate from others? What's your USP? There are so many things to consider before starting ads campaigns. 

What's your message and copy in your ads campaign? 

Everything matters.

You could also try influencer marketing to get feedback from your potential audience, some honest reviews from influencers and some content from different perspective. Check out this article, hope it helps: How To Use Micro-Influencers to Spark Sales