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I have just a question.


We started google SEO and added our Domain in the google console.

In shopify I added theme.liquid the code from google

 <meta name="google-site-verification" content="kLpnpmtxxPiO-xJa_WZvhvIryjEWFARXdJQ12jv7gdw" />


So far, so good.


But we have multiple domain, each per language, this means we have .de .com .be .fr .nl


The main Domain is .com and for this we added the google verification. But how can we added the other Domains, we get for the next Domain a different verification Code.


We are using langify for translating the pages.


Thanks in advance

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There are many methods to verify your domains, e.g. DNS Record

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Yes, but I can only verify 1 ID, not 5