Multi-vendor Facebook ads with external ad accounts

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Hi gang,

We use Shopify as a multi-vendor marketplace, and up until now we've been running all the ads for our vendors ourselves, however, next year we want to let our various vendors run their own ads with their own ad accounts in addition to us running some ads. That means that we would have to share our Facebook Pixel ID with our vendors so they can track conversions on their ads, but here's the big issue that I need help with:

If we share our Pixel with our vendors, and one of their ad accounts gets disabled, our entire Pixel gets disabled, which would render all ads, for ourselves and all our other vendors useless in a heartbeat. Does anyone have experience with this type of multi-vendor + multi-advertiser setup, and/or is there a good way to have multiple Pixels installed so vendors can install their own Pixel in addition to ours on their specific product pages (not the entire store)?

I'm really trying to wrap my head around this and I can't find a great solution so really appreciate the hivemind helping us crack this one.




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