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HI everyone,

I have been running for years a shop in Spanish and Ingles translated with langify.

I am a producer and I sell just 12-15 different items.


The question is if considering that my shop management is quite straight foreward, if having two different shops. One for each language will help with my SEO. 


Thanks a lot !

If anyone can help me..






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Hey Ricardo!


Adriana here from Adolab. I'm the creator of an app called Get Clicked SEO.


I recommend sticking with the one shop that contains both Spanish and English. It's better to work on one website than two because you can improve the SEO of your single website overtime much better than managing two different sites.


Especially since you mentioned that you've been running your shop for years now in Spanish, it's really important to keep maintaining and improving that site. If your target audience is primarily Spanish, I recommend trying to target keywords in Spanish that your customers might be looking for.


(Keywords are search phrases and terms that people are typing into Google to arrive at a product that they are looking for.)


Our SEO app is built specifically to handle foreign languages such as Spanish and also comes with a nifty Keyword Suggestion tool that you might find helpful.


Lastly, our app creates "structured data" for your entire site which helps Google award your site with "rich snippets" (which are enhanced search results that include more information such as pricing, availability, and star ratings).


As always, we offer VIP customer support and are always here to answer your questions. Feel free to contact us at if you have any more SEO questions or want to learn how our app can help you achieve your goals.



Adriana @Adolab

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Thank a lot Adriana . I will have a look to it.
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Hi Ricardo,


Eugene from the Weglot Translate App team.


We agree with Adolab_apps, it’s better and easier to maintain to have one store translated in several languages. The most important in terms of Multilingual SEO is to follow Google guidelines:
- One language per page of course 🙂
- Have dedicated URLs for each language (via subdirectory or subdomains)
- Hreflangs tags
- Server-side translation for Google indexing bots


As long as you comply with that, it’s all good. Having two stores will not help you have a better SEO.


You guessed it: Weglot, a Shopify multilingual app, does all that extremely well 😄


Let me know if you have any questions.

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Ricardo, the next step for you may be to start creating some content to drive traffic to your site.



Talk soon,