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I live in Germany and I am currently trying to create an online shop at Shopify for my business. I have some offline customers which are mostly located in Germany, but also in Switzerland and Austria.

I own all country code domains, for example (generic names):

  • --> Germany

  • --> Switzerland

  • --> Austria

However, I also own

My question is now, what domain I should use? Is it better for SEO reasons to use all country-specific domains? This means that I will have 1-Website and depending on the country, I show a a different domain. For example my users in Switzerland will be redirected to the ".ch" domain. I this actually possible? I am not sure if Shopify allows me to configure this?

Or should I use .com - domain?

I did some research, however there seem to be different opinions on this topic.

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I would use the .com and direct all the country domains to the .com. Most friends I know are use to buying on a .com site. It's easier to manage one site and one domain while you grow your business.

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I agree with DuaneBrown. Use the .com domain, for now, to help manage the site growth and then look into using localisation domains for further outreach when you've established a good foundation. 

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Use the .com domain with a sub-folder for each territory and language combination.


For example to target Germans in Germany use





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Hi @ThomasSandberg 

I think which domain is suitable for your business is depended on the marketplace in which you want to do business. If you live in Germany and want to grow your business in your country, you should choose domain .de because with a domain .de Google will know that you are focusing on the German marketplace and show your store with people who access the internet from Germany. 

By the way, to optimze your business with a suitable domain, you can visit This site has a domain section which provides useful advice to choose a good domain and how to set up it.

Hope it helps.

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I would say you should take the .com domain because it is a universal domain. instead of so many domains use only one i.e .com.


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