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A question i'm sure has been discussed quite a few times, so please bear with me.

I have a shopify website ( which is listed in google and receives sales regularly. I have my original website (pre-Shopify) running on a Joomla Platform that needs updating, this is ( this site is also listed in google and also receives sales regularly. I would say in total the total sales is split 50/50 over the 2 websites.

The dilema is what should I do with the old joomla site (, how this will effect my google ranking(s) and how will the effect sales.

Option 1 - Point the ( to my shopify store

Option 2 - Develope a new store for ( and continue with 2 seperate sites.

My future plan would be to buy up the other domain name assoicated with my store and point them to the ( shopify store. I would assume that this would be fine with SEO & Google as the domains have never been active?

Any advice would be very welcome.




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Hi Jamie,

Well, There is no SEO benefits by doing this, there is also no harm to your website rankings.

The risk however, is if the domains have a negative history associated with them. If bad links were pointed at the old domain, then those links will now point at your main site when you redirect them. If an algorithmic action like Penguin or an over-optimization filter was applied to the old site, your risk carrying that baggage to the new site.

Hope this help you.

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This one depends alot on what you plan to do in the future. For the easiest solution, you would much rather have 1 site. You also need to consider how the 2 sites out there make your 'brand' look. If its a weird user experience for a customer to run across Site #1 then Site #2, then I would say you go for fixing the UX and 301 redirect your old store to your new one. If you do it right, and redirect the ranking pages on the old site to the relevant pages on the new site, you should maintain or regain rankings for those pages. Domain authority does not usually pass 100% through a 301 redirect, but it's not far off.