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Multiple Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and Instagram Influencers... but no sales.

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I've been studying and managing my store alongside 2 coworkers of mine. We're aiming at Brazil (since we live here).

We started about 3 months, created a Facebook Page and an Instagram profile with the help of one designer. We've been running ads on Facebook (targeting first people interested in woman's clothing and now, using our Pixel to create a lookalike audience based on our website visitors, which is about 100/day, and using the conversions for View content).

I'm testing Adwords as well and getting a good response, with more and more clicks. Also, we started influencers marketing with a dozen of people, and in total, we spent more than 400 USD in those 3 months but generated no sales.

 Our products are beautiful and are offered at a lower price than the national average here in our country. Our shipping time is longer than the average (20-30 days), but that's something that we must face it due to our national logistics.


There is someone who can help us with any suggestion or idea?

I'll be very thankful for ALL kind of feedback.

Best regards to you all.




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Hey there,

Here's a couple of suggestions for your site:

  • Your home page banner is too large and it doesn't have to call to action (CTA) button on it. You'll want to shorten the image by about 50-70% and add a button that links to the number 1 product you want to sell
  • The "Singular Dresses" doesn't help much either. You'll want to use a short blurb that communicates what your brand is about. When it comes to clothing, you want to sell your customers a lifestyle. 
  • I recommend getting rid of the "people just bought" popup. 
  • The product images are a bit uneven. If I go into specific listings, I see that some images are taller than others, which ruins the uniform look

When it comes to influencer marketing, I've found that influencers are great for brand awareness and website traffic, but those visits won't necessarily equal sales. You should hold off on influencers until you've made more money and you're at the point where you want your brand to be more well known. I wrote a post about it here:

When it comes to Facebook Ads, chances are that your lookalike audiences won't be successful since they're based on people who haven't purchased anything. Your best bet is to focus on Retargeting ads that go after people who have visited your site before. Remember, 98% of online shoppers don't buy anything on the first visit, so Retargeting ads will show up for people who have visited your site before, reminding them of your brand. You can setup your Retargeting manually, or you can use Shopify apps to help out. Check out apps like Pollen ( that handle the heavy lifting for you.

Hope this helps!

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