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Multiple Facebook Pixels

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I am currently targeting my own country only, so my entire website is in my own language. I have been collecting data from my country and I was wondering if the facebook pixel would be affected when I start targeting other countries as well.

I recently translated all of my website to english and have plans on running ads in a lot of other countries as well. Will this ruin my current facebook pixel data, or is there a way to only choose my own country when creating LAA's so it wont be affected by other buyers in other countries.


Thank you!

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Hey there,
i'm pretty clear with your query.
Thing here is, there is no drawback in running campaigns in multiple countries, there's just one thing to make sure while creating a lookalike source is, there should be enough data into the pixel from that one particular country so that the event source is not too small, and you're filling in the country you want to create the lookalike source while creating LAL audience and you've already been running your ads on that country prior with enough investment on ads to make the pixel strong.
It doesn't matters, how many countries you run your ads in, there's a time when diversification is the only objective, so pixel is capable of helping in that.
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It's fine and actually best practice to not try separate your visitor information into different pixels. If you want to use a backup pixel though in case of policy issues, that is a different issue altogether, and good to know (for that, you'll need to install an app like WinAds to get a second pixel on there or to setup your own in GTM with all relevant events).

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