Multiple Google Analytics Properties for my Shopify Account

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Hi Everyone, 

I have a question regarding the ability to have multiple Google Analytics properties and my Shopify account. As of now I only have the option to ad a singular GA property ID into Shopify. However I am using the Multi-domain feature and therefore have sites in .nl / .com / 

1. I want to have a separate GA property for each with a roll up account to combine the data. But am unable to do so because of the single GA property ID limitation. 

2. I am using separate product feeds for each domain (language reasons) to upload to merchant center. I have a mutli-store merchant center account but am unable to verify each domain besides my primary (.com) because I cannot create multiple GA properties connected to my stores. 

Has anyone run into this issue before and do they have the solution? 

Thanks in advance for all your help. 


Kind regards, 


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maybe @Mati99  this will help you

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