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Multiple Niches Store - FB Pixel(s) question

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Hello everyone,

I have a store with a variety of products targeting 3 big niches.

My question is if there is a way to install different Master pixels (with the action pixels followed) per niche or per product category in order to track things right (especially checkout) and let the pixel mature and perform best.

I have seen that using just one master pixel with more than one niche, gets the pixel "comfused" and gives low performance as the pixel builds itself with time.

Any help, input or idea is highly appreciated!

Thank you

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Hey Fotis unfortunatly the only way to have a different pixel is to create a new ad account, but I don't recomend that since this is a single store. My recomendation for custom audiences (for different category buyers) would be to build out an audience including people who view (url for your one category) and a url containing "checkout". This will help segment your buyers based on which category of products they were looking at and most likely buying. It obviously will have some margin for error, but it's about as good of a solution as you're gonna get without having to create different stores or domains for each product category. On another note I just launched a Facebook marketing mastermind group and am offering free invites for the first month. Just send you email to and I will add you.


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hey Fotis, 

i am facing the same issue now in 2021

do you have any good solution for it now? 

thanks mate,  appreciate your reply.