My Facebook ads are so expensive. Why?

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Why are my Facebook ads very expensive when I set it up, but when I have Kit setup my ads, they are VERY cheap.


When I run my conversion Facebook ads, I end up getting around 8 clicks and spending 20$.

With kit, I end up getting around 5 clicks and only spending 1-2$


What could be the problem between them both? The audience size for all my created ads are over 1,000,000 (specifically around 1,000,000 - 2,000,000), and budget isn't high either (around 20-30$ a day)


What could be the problem?

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Hi there are many factors affecting the cost per click when you work with conversion optimization,

I believe the real question should be how much is the ROAS, i'm less interested in CPC with conversion ads, but with Cost per Conversion, cost per add to cart, purchase initiating checkout... how much it cost to get a sale.


Assuming you're targeting the same audience, The difference between your ads and Kit's ads could derive from:

  • working with different Pixel
  • different Product catalog if you're working with dynamic ads
  • Ads that collected credibility in time with likes and comments would have better CTR and quality score
  • Conversion campaigns have optimization process that improves in time , one ad that started a year ago and one that started now would have different results.

If two ads are targeting different audiences, than CPM - Cost per 1000 people reach would be different, one ad could be targeting people who are more likely to purchase and the CPC would be higher but at the end of the day it will make you better profit.


All the best!


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Samco gave a good answer. There are many factors that could be affecting what you're asking. My first most likely thought is audience given you have manually setup the ads and used Kit. Are you targeting the same audience? 

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