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My gtag.js UA is different from my Analytics UA.. Could someone please help me?

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Good afternoon everyone,


Normally I don't post things like this and English isn't my main language, so I am sorry for that.

But I've been running into this for days.

For my education I had to use Google Tag Manager, but since I am not about to use that I have deleted that code, also because I saw that is not for the basic accounts.

I think I did that alright.

The question is about this, am I doing this right this way?

I just can't find it anywhere online.

Why are those two codes different and do I need both those codes?

The second code I also have in my settings in Shopify and that is also my Google Analytics code.

A friend who is webdesigner also couldn't find the issue, he went through my whole code. 


Thanks a lot in advance,




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Hi Kelly - you're English is perfectly clear. Did you manage to solve for this issue? 

Let me know and I'll try and help. 


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Hi, thanks for responding! I have sent a private message back. Thank you! 

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My website is Thanks in advance everyone. 

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Hello, Kelly. 

I have just checked your website - the issue seems to be resolved? Let me know if you still have the issue - I'd be happy to help.

Also, as I saw you used GTM - I have recently launched a free Google Tag Manager - Shopify course on Youtube. You can check it out here

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