My sales are not being synced with Facebook ads manager.

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I recently started running ads for my Shopify store via Facebook and have made several sales, but when I log onto my Facebook ads manager, the sales don’t show up. I know for a fact they’re direct conversions. What could the problem be? Thanks in advance! 

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Hi @SPaulVeh 


A couple of things for you to check:

  1. Is the Facebook pixel correctly set up on your store? Use the Facebook Pixel Helper extension for Chrome to see if there are any errors.
  2. Is the Conversion API set up between your store and Facebook?

Are you seeing any website event data reported in Facebook? Log into your Facebook Business Manager and navigate to Events Manager. From there you'll be able to see all events that are firing and if your pixel/Conversion API are recording okay.


Last thought, have you verified your domain with Facebook?


Hopefully some of the above will help you figure out what is going on.


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That has a solution.

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Hello @SPaulVeh,

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Have you set up the Facebook Pixel correctly? If it is set up correctly you would be able to see your store events on Facebook. Use Facebook Pixel Helper Extension to check whether it is working or not. 

Also, take a look at Facebook data-sharing documentation and make sure you have done everything correctly.

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