My sex toy dropshipping store isn't coming up on google even with google ads

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I've recently opened my first Shopify dropshipping store (Today)

I can't seem to find my store anywhere on google unless I type in the full URL address

I've opened up an ad on google ads and still can't see anything. For my SEO I've used keywords used in searches but still, nothing will show up. 


I do still have products being reviewed by google merchant center maybe that's the case?



Edit: I ran a diagnostics tool and it said on google ads my budget ran out even though my budget is $10 and my daily amount is 7.00. I also didn't get any clicks on impressions. A bit confused on how google ads work. Anyone know how to pay for your budget


Thanks Oconmi 



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Hello Oconmi,

Send you PM and pls reply accordingly.

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Please note Google Shopping does not allow drop shipping, because you need to stock the products in your own warehouse. You can find more info here:


Also note that my comment is based on my understanding of the policy.

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@EmmanuelFlossie I have not heard that before. Is that interpretation from "Promoting products that are not stocked, promoting a deal that is no longer active, call-to-action in promotion that isn't easily achievable from the landing page"? That isn't referencing dropshipping, but about having product in stock regardless of where it's located. We have a bunch of Google Ads clients who only dropship.


For products to show in Merchant Center, yes, they first have to be approved in there.


If you're interested in learning more about Google Shopping optimization so you garner the impressions and clicks, I suggest you read my Google Shopping for Shopify book. It sounds like you've got a lot of ground to cover if you're looking at search results yourself to gauge deliverability. You're far better off using metrics like impression share and click share reported in the ad platform.

SEO is a whole other point. Best way to get started is getting the website validated in Google Search Console and submitting your sitemap. To speed up the process and to help SEO, you can garner backlinks from quality websites.

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Hello Josh, before I reply, the policies are interpreted by who reads it, this being myself, the merchant, you or Google. This means that we all can have a different perspective about the policy. In the end, the only interpretation that matters is Google's as they approve or disapprove accounts based on their opinion, reason, etc...


If you have accounts that are currently approved with drop shipping, it does not mean they have discovered the merchant is dropshipping. As it sometimes can get unnoticed for several months or even years.


Drop-Shipping falls under a few policy violations, with my understanding.


  1. Not stocking the goods, this refers to the merchant's own warehouse or property that is owned. Not 3rd party. Drop Shipping is 3rd party.
  2. The merchant must bring something unique to the table. In most generic cases, a drop-shipper sells the same item, at the same price as any other drop shipper. This creates a huge overflow of products that do not offer any benefit to the user (the client who buys)
  3. 2 Years ago, Google explicitly mentioned in the documentation that drop shipping is not allowed. However, they have since removed this and made it more vague. This may have been done for several reasons, to avoid explicitly forbidding drop shipping, however it still violates multiple policies indirectly.
  4. Drop Shipping is considered affiliate marketing, as you are not selling your own goods. There is however a beta program that you can sign up for. However since a year ago, this has been discontinued.

Lastly, as you focus heavily on Google Shopping, you may have also noticed that Google is very vague on certain subjects, this to avoid users abusing it and to protect themselves.


The reason I personally warn users, is that accounts still get suspended due to this. As long as I see this happening due to drop shipping, I will continue to educate merchants on the risks they take. As a suspension once in your life will have a lifetime consequence. For example, if they decide to sell stocked goods, then if they have a permanent ban, they can no longer do this.

However, I guess if your drop shipping, you will never sell your own goods in any case. But regardless, I still want to educate people and always mention this is my understanding of Google's policies.


I recommend you ask your question in the following link to get a reply from Gold Product Experts, these guys are hand-picked by Google that represent their community due to there helpfulness, knowledge and experience:


Hope this helps.

I'm a Google Shopping Specialist and a Google Product Expert Education Award winner, a Google Ads Diamond Product Expert, and also a Google Premier Partner.
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