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My Site Double posting on google my title

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On the google search engine when I look it up my website. I see that, it is doubling the title. Does anyone have any advice, when I also check google search console it says it moved permanently (301) 


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hi Trevor,

Can you consider when uploading products on your website, did you add your brand name? And maybe you're using an app that can edit your meta titles. This doubling your brand name.

In the second case, you are installing 2 apps having meta title optimization features. 

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Thank you!!!
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Hi @Trevor8821,

Google has a tendency to append brand to the end of a title tag where it thinks it's confident of it.  I think the question here is - how much do you mind it being added to the end? I think unless it's causing active harm (which I think it probably isn't) probably most effective to just leave it and focus on other On-page Optimization tactics like Body Content, URL, H1, H2, Image ALT tag, Meta tag and Page Speed. 

Let me know if my answer is of any help with a thumb up or lie. Cheers

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I am not using any seo app on my website. I do it by myself. I am using Image Optimizer but I dont think it is making the problem. I am really not sure why, I also checked my theme code, it is also not reason to dublicate the title. 

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My Qustion is, Is it going to damage my organic traffic in the future because I am having a issue on google search console that it is saying Top Warnings. 

Any Advice, btw thank you for replaying my message. 


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