My site isn't indexing on Google

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I 'd like to preface this by saying that I don't much about SEO and just learned about Google Search Console.  However when I began to look at my console, MOST of my pages aren't indexed, in fact they are excluded.  I was going over some of the data and most of the pages are excluded becuase they are listed as 'page with redirect' Including the home page!!! 

I purchased my domain outside of Shopify and had it pointed to my site,,  and it's listed as the primary domain but I'm wondering if the original domain - - is still being used somewhere  and that's the reason why these pages aren't being indexed?  None of the pages are showing errors, there just being excluded from the indexing.  Is there a way that I can fix this? I don't want to resubmit my sitemap before I know the problem is fixed.  Please help! Any info would be appreciated

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Hi Tia,

Search Engines usually take 1-2 weeks to crawl your page and index them. However, I had a look at your sitemap and saw that most of your pages haven't been crawled for a long time. In this case, you need to manually crawl all your pages. 
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Hey Tia Bond

as Aditya said, You have to do manual crawling. It can be done from Google webmaster or search for Google search engine submission. click on the google search console result and enter The home page URL there and submit it. Google crawlers will crawl and index it soon.

to check if the page is indexed or not you have to search for


if it shows the result, your page is indexed and if not still it is not crawled by the crawler. 

As you said, You don't know much about SEO, i advise you to take the help or advice of SEO experts.


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Thank you.  I will resubmit my pages manually ro be crawled by Google although my search console says that some of these excluded pages were crawled as little as a week ago.  Hopefully the resubmission will work otherwise I may have to hire an expert 

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We have been struggling with several clients' websites built on shopify. The inner pages are not getting crawled by Google.

We have tried ways including:

- Sitemap.xml submission through search console
- Search Engine Submissions
- And many things we have done but no impact showing on the caching & indexing.

Can please.. please.. help us with this on a high priority?

Waiting for your response.

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