My store is not findable on Google

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I'm pretty much done with my store ( There is some graphic issues, SEO but it's mostly done. Yet I can't seem to find it on Google even if I type "". It's just not showing up, I configured my Google Search Console account I couldn't find the HTML Tag but the ownership was automaticly confirmed. 


If anyone has any info on why is this happening please let me know. 



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A site: search shows a few pages indexed. You have to be patient, SEO is not an instant by any means. Google is not obligated to put you in its index, you have to satisfy basic criteria.

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It doesn't show when I type the into the search but probably because your site is so new. I can see you have zero or a minimal amount of backlinks to your site. I would recommend to add your site to online directories & write some quick blogs about your products to increase the searchable content on your site... When it comes to SEO, you need a combination of content & natural backlinks to reap the benefits.

Wouldn't hurt to get some social media pages going to point  back to your website either.
I see the icons are set up on the homepage but when you click them they don't go anywhere.

Hope that helps!

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Hi @Maatej36 ,

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I just checked Google to look at the collection of your website, and your website has already been collected.


Google's collection needs a process, it’ll take some time, so you’d better be patient when doing SEO. The homepage will be indexed by Google first, and then the content pages, commonly, the process of indexing of the content pages will be slower and slower.


In order to speed up the indexing and ranking of your website, you need to do three things listed below:


  1. Submit your website on Google's platform
  2. Build external links of your website on more platforms
  3. Post content on your website frequently


the content of your website will be collected more and more if you follow the methods mentioned above.


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Hello @Maatej36,


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To get Found on Google, you have to consider submitting the store sitemap or a submit to index request on a regular basis. It can take time for Google to index your pages.

After submitting the sitemap, Google will take approximately 3–4 weeks for websites with less than 500 pages. 2–3 months for websites with 500 to 25,000 pages. 4–12 months for websites with more than 25,000 pages.

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Hi Maatej36,


I wouldn't stress too much. As others here have said, SEO requires patience and consistency. A great way to boost the SEO of your store is to have consistent, high-quality and optimized blog posts. This gives the search engine crawlers more content to index and shows activity on your storefront.


Blog Pilot automates the blog post creation and management process for you, posting once per week automatically. We offer a free trial as well!


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