My store still not appear in Google search!

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I own the domain and the store for a lot of months but the last 3 weeks my store is open for everyone (i mean not password protected).
I started to modify tags, image alt text, product description, my page info etc. using keywords that I think will work for my site. Before 1 week I listed also the sitemap to the google search console as I found out that this boosts the search engines to find my page and keywords. Also, I created a google tags manager account and insert the code to my page (as was described) but to be honest, still, i don't understand how this thing works and what is the reason for adding this.
The issues that still my page does not appear to google search or at least not on the first pages.  I found only a link on the 5th page of a product of my store when I tried to search with the keyword "spartan store". 
My store's name/URL is and my brand Spartan Tactical. None of the 2 keywords appear to google search and that's a big issue as the customers that have seen somewhere my products and want to check more or to buy something cant find my store or they have to search a lot at least. 
Except that, I guess when you try to find something in google search and you cant find it in the first pages gives the feeling that is not something genuine or at least not a "serious" company-brand.
For the moment I fight with FB/insta/messenger ads that cost too much for the profit they give back but I am forced to pay these ads as there is no other way to attract customers as they can't find me except if they type the direct URL.
So doesn't someone have any suggestions on how to solve this issue? 

Thanks in advance,

Triantafyllos Anastasiou

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Hello Ada,

I don’t understand what you mean by "link spamming". I did a fast search and talks about buying clicks for your page links. Is that you talking about?
I think there must be a solution regarding the setup of my website or to google search console. I don’t know if it’s natural to not appear to a page of your country in the first pages when you type the exact keywords of your brand, store or products. In my mind the setup was way to simpler than what I see. I thought that I have to insert somewhere the keywords and then google finds these but I am wrong as I see.

Also, today I realized that my website translation is not appearing in the google search at all. I tried to check the link that contains the Greek version of my website and I got a negative message. So, I list the URL to google search console to see if something is going to change. By the way I couldn’t add the sitemap.xml to the Greek version as I tried to use the link of: and I get an error. I don’t know if there is another way to find this and add it to search console.
If you have and sugestions and be acceptable.

Thanks in advance


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Maybe you should try this step carefully to be found in the Google search result.

Submit your site link to google, so google can update your site data in google indexed.

Link a lot of backlinks to your websites, list your site in a trustful direction.

Keep updated with google rules and regulations, follow their guidelines so you won’t get any warnings.

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Hi @Spartan 

As an SEO executive, below are my answers for your questions.

Firstly, you just published your website, Google search engine needs to take times to understand your store better. 

Secondly, it's not easy to rank on the first result pages, it takes a lot of time as well as effort to rank on the first page. You just publish your store and do nothing to optimize your product pages for SEO.

Thirdly, your brand does not appears on Google search result pages because it's not as trustable as other websites. To make it appears on the search result page, you should spend time to do SEO for your store.

It can say that SEO is the cheapest way to reach potential customers and get sales. To do SEO better for your store, We have prepared for you some articles below:

Hope it helps!


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Hello Edward,

I will reply to you and to all the other people.
First of all thanks a lot for all the responses.

So as mentioned I have read the guide to set up the SEO etc.
I understand that my website is new and needs time. 
These days it started to appear on the first page (in case someone types exactly the name of my store ex. "spartan store") but with a broken link.
I mean a link that appears on my page with a 404 error. I don't know how google found this link but it's not working as there is no point in this particular link.
I never saw this link to match with something on my website. The link that appears in the search is: 
At least appears something regarding my page for the moment. 
If anyone knows why this happens and has a solution will be totally acceptable.

No the other issue that I realized is that my page in Greek is not trackable from Google search. 
I use TMS app from Hextom. This creates a link type of:
I list the URL to the search console and I receive results on the dashboard but when i check the link i receive the message that my URL is not available in Google Search.
So I don't get how my greek version URL  is not appearing in Google but simultainusly i get results from searches.( i attach  pics in the end)
Also, i tried to list the site map of the greek version that is not working. I don't know how can I find the sitemap in the greek version as the link of 
gives me an error.
When i listed the site map of the normal version everything worked fine.

The whole thing with google really frustrates me as it too complicated for no reason. Not straightforward as like for example when you deal with Shopify issues. 
Shopify at least mentions the problem and guides you for the solution.
Google just mentions a problem (or even you have to find the problem on your own) and you have to find the way to solve the issue on your own.
I get an error for some links to the dashboard but there is no guidance about what do I have to fix and how.

Here is the pic from the search console result:


But at the same time the dashboard shows some results: