My website has high traffic but no sales

Yes All Traffic is come from social Media Platform and sales come from locally brand image you can follow for perfect example of sale and traffic
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Hi @AdorJewelry2021 

I think you should have a look at this post: How to Convert Traffic into Sales for Shopify stores?, it will tell you how to solve your issue.

Hope it helps!

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I understand your situation, why your customers aren’t checking out can be highly frustrating. There can be hundreds of small reasons that impact and influence customer decisions, including external factors that are out of your control as a business owner. No one likes to see high traffic combined with low sales.
Here are few tips which can be of help to you
1) convert traffic into sales using remarketing campaigns
2) Understand who your customers are
3) Dive into deep analytics if your bounce rate is low and still doesn't have many sales.
To conclude, go through the customer funnel and observe at every touchpoint and analyze where most of the users are dropping out in the process of making a purchase, from there you can figure out and fix that.
I follow for Marketing concepts. Hope this helps

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Okay, apart from driving traffic what marketing strategy have you implemented?