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My website is not ranking in google

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Hi All,

My current store is not showing up in google. My facebook page shows but that about it. The store is optimized (I think) and most picutes have ALT tags. All fo the cntent on the site is relative to the products i am seeling and all of the copy on the sit is organic, I wrote it all myself. I verified the site in google search console and am using google analytics to monitor traffic. I set up a cuple of adword campagins to generate minimal traffic to ensure google anaytics was working properly and it seems to be working fine.


I am not sure what to do right now because the products I sell are in a niche market. there are a couple of competitors and I run a another site that sells similar products catered to a different audidnece but did not use shopify to build the site. I am using moz and semrush as tools to mointor keyword research and look at traffic. I did a site audit and it has turned up a couple of errors but I am not sure how to fix this.


Any help here would be awesome. Thanks! 🙂

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Need to look at your Google search console. From robot.txt file I see you did a lot of things there 

This article might give you some insights about the problem

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@Tony - Since Shopify generates the robots.txt file, it's not something the merchant can edit. It's all taken care of for them.

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Hi all,

I had some custom lquiuid code injected into the product template for a feature that I needed to enable. 

I do not think thisis the root of the issue though. Maybe because my website is new google still has not een able read it. Any thoughts.ideas here would be awesome.

Thanks a bunch!