My website is not showing on Google - Please help

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Hi there, 


Being new to web design i'm a bit out of my depth in terms of google search results, 

I cannot find the site on google at all - our site is


I have tried verifying the site on google search console, dropping in the google code into the Theme as shown on the link below but having no luck at all. I keep getting (Ownership verification failed)


This is what I have tried -


Please can anyone help me?


Many Thanks



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Hi Dave-

When you say you can't find your site on Google, what queries are you using to find your listings? I just did a search and your site is indexed. If you are trying to just look for you brand name, Candle and Soap Co, that might be why you are not showing. That search is very broad and Google is not associating it with your website. 


In terms of verification, the code you added is not setup right. This is what you have:

<meta google-site-verification="TKqAlTtRn1iUNnVg0qnPhcWGy_8R6uQdsSrMD4neb00" <!--="" basic="" page="" needs="=================================================" --="">

and this is what it should be:

<meta google-site-verification="TKqAlTtRn1iUNnVg0qnPhcWGy_8R6uQdsSrMD4neb00" />

Try updating the code and reverifying and it should work. 





Hope that helps...


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Google have multiple ways to verify a website. Uploading a HTML file or validating through Google Analytics (if you're using Shopify's standard setup) will not work. Use the meta tag method as detailed in the Shopify guide you linked to. What you have pasted is wrong and doesn't follow the guide as mentioned above.

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