Name three must have apps!

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Opened my store a couple weeks ago and need to know some recommended apps, my brand does clothing and merchandise.
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I like ShipStation. Really wonderful for shipping. Product Customizer is really helpful for adding lots of variants. I ran out of the ones allowed by Shopify pretty quickly. There is a new one out by the people that do Product Upsell (Shappify) that seems to do the same thing and is about 1/2 the price. Looks good but I haven't tried it yet. Lexity is a free app. that shows activity in your store. Good stats on when someone is in there, what pages they looked at, time spent, etc.
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SumAll is great for graphing sales, Stitch labs is great for reports on what products sold the most volume/generated the most revenue.
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You can never go wrong with making your store mobile friendly. Just installed a mobile theme for my store. I gotta say I am pretty proud of it. Looks even better than the main theme. Dropifi is also another great app. It allows your customers to drop a question or a compliment with 0 hassles.
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Pixel Printer and Product Discount.
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lexity live is really good as a tool to see who is visiting
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Upsell Cross-sell App: you can upsell or cross-sell many products

Discount Best App: discount all products, collections or some products

Sales Pop Master: Show popups of orders or products added to cart