Native Double Opt-In Issues

Shopify Partner
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Hey all,

I have recently noticed that Shopify now has a native double opt in feature. Previously we used ShopSync and Mailchimp. However, subscribers through the checkout never got added to the list. Anyway enough of that.

The Double opt in from Shopify works great, the email goes through perfects and is highly customisable unlike Mailchimp.

The problem comes down the to the customer confirmation page after they click the confirmation email. I can't find out for the life of me where to edit this page. Additionally Shopify is missing the functionality for customers to unsubscribe considering the default language states that 'You can unsubscribe at anytime'.

Shopify Support so far has mentioned the customers needs to contact us and we should manually remove them from our list. No thanks! Anyway, I am sure there is a work around but nothing obvious at this time of the day.

I look forward to hearing what other people thing of this?



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