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How can i change what's inside the red mark ?




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Start by looking at how the sitelinks mirror your primary navigation (assuming you are focusing there). Then look at what's in your page title and meta description sections as well as your page content. Google is pulling the information from somewhere, start by making changes to the content you can control. 

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SEO is the process of increasing the website traffic by increasing the visibility of a web page or a website.

SEO helps in the optimization of the website such as crawling, indexing, ranking the website to make the audience better understand what the website is all about.

SEO is utilized through search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. It uses keywords that attract user to the website.

It also provides backlinks and keywords as well as insights into SEO competition on the internet.

Search engine follow the site navigation - it needs a path of links on your own website to land from one page to another, hindering their ability to get listed in search results.

>>Their are various ways to track SEO performance -

*Using Google Analytics to uncover traffic insights - Traffic to ur site overtime -Traffic from a specified campaign

*Isolate organic traffic bcoz it helps in mitigation that is caused through other channels.

*Click through rate- ctr from search results to a particular page provides insights about the optimization of the page.

Other seo metrics
>>keyword ranking - it includes search engine result pages such as ranking for competitive keywords.

Number of backlinks- Total links pointing to ur website or no of unique Linking root domains.

Methods to track metrics- A lot of different tools are available to keep track of ur site's position in search engine result pages, such as STAT and MOZ PRO.

Things to keep in mind while establishing website primary goal -
It should be measurable
Be specific about ur content
Look at the conversion rate. Etc.


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You can't control what you mentioned, but you can influence. They are sitelinks. Google will swap and change sitelinks based on what it thinks is most valuable. So, the question to ask yourself is, what do I want showing instead and how can I adjust my navigation and keywords to perhaps better serve that purpose (without damaging conversions).

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It seems Google automatically take these from your site structure. You can try changing the name of the categories but I don't think you can reorder them in the SERP.