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NEED HELP!! Google AD Words Suspension Due to Unidentifiable Malware

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We need help before Black friday!  Google has suspended our ad words account becuase when they scanned our site they found links on our site that are related to malware.  

The Kicker is google says they come and go.  One day they show up and the next day disappear.  We have been trying to fix this for over 7 days and we have had no luck.  The Shopify experts could not even help us.  We really need the communities help.  I added the links below.

The only thing we can think is causing this may be some kind of third part shopify app we added.  I've searched every where.  It may live within a script tag or something that I cant find.

Our site is

Here are the links:

Hi Justin,


Please check the below link to resolve the malicious content issue. 





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You seem to be using third-party apps for customer reviews.  Is it possible that spammers are able to post reviews with spam links, which end up being detected by the Google bot?  Even if the review service is quickly detecting and removing the spam, if it happens to be up when the bot comes around, that could explain the sporadic appearances in scan results.

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did this solve the issue? 

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