Need Help: Sudden Drop in Google Visibility for My Large E-Shop

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Hello everyone,


I've created an online store with a large number of products (around 50,000): For this, I used the Enterprise theme.


The shop is still under construction and is continuously being expanded and improved with content pages. We are just at the beginning, but we have already encountered a problem with Google visibility. After going live, the daily Google impressions increased day by day up to 4000 impressions a day. Unfortunately, about 2 weeks later, the organic visibility started to decline day by day until it almost dropped to zero a few days ago.





I initially suspected the reason might be related to speed, a "manual action" or a "removal request," but I can rule all these out. The indexing of the pages also looks okay. It wasn't that all search queries were related to a few keywords and then possibly dropped off. The queries were extremely diverse due to the wide range of products.


Perhaps the community can provide a crucial tip?


Thanks in advance and best regards,


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Hi StudioSiciliy, 


There is a chance your impressions suddenly dropped due to some algorithm update by Google. You will have to check if this is case for e-commerce websites. 


However, here is what you can do fix your SEO issue:

1. Firstly, I would really recommend you use a keyword tool (Ahrefs, Moz, SEMRush) to target high volume keywords (or even low vol too) that will help you rank in the search results page on Google. 


Implement these keywords in your Product Title, Description, Slug, Alt Text, and in the meta title/description of the page too! 


Check out this helpful blog on how to do keyword research for your Shopify store. 


2. Next, see what queries your product pages/pages are ranking for. If you are able to optimize said pages accordingly to the query it is ranking for then do that. But if the query it is ranking for does not match the content of the page, then you need to follow step 1. 


Also, keep in mind Google prioritizes relevant and high-value content. So I do recommend conducting an audit of your pages. 


3. Technical SEO - 

  • Crawl Budget: You mentioned having a large number of products, so please ensure Googlebot is crawling all these pages. Excessive duplicate content, numerous redirects, or unnecessary parameters in URLs can waste the crawl budget.
  • Robots.txt and Sitemap: Verify that your robots.txt file isn’t accidentally blocking important pages from being crawled. Also, ensure your XML sitemap is up to date and submitted through Google Search Console.
  • Canonical Tags: Use canonical tags to manage duplicate content, particularly important in large eCommerce stores where products might be listed under multiple categories.

4. Have a look at metrics on GA (Google Analytics) - Metrics like bounce rate, time on site, page views per session, engagement rate can all help in understanding how a user interacts with your website. 


Hope these tips help! 

Sanjna Lal | Content Marketing Manager @ AdNabu

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