Need help with bringing traffic to my site

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Hi, i recently started my site around October, i have had about 200 visitors and 1 order. i have been doing a bit of advertising for my site, it is a kitchen gadget and utensil store with free shipping. i am a bit confused on how to start with SEO and how to all my product pages indexed by search engines. what would you guys recommend me to do to bring in traffic? i have posted on instagram and i do get likes with hashtags and i promote my products but i hardly have any clicks to my site. as for facebook, i just dont know how to get that going. i really want to keep going and push on but im already 2 months in and already feel bummed about it... any affective advice and reports would really get me going. 

my site is a dropshipping store:


Facebook: cooking craze store


i have a new logo coming in and i have done an adwords campain for 1 product and had around 30 clicks when campaining for 2 weeks. i used keywords that was matching the product and a few negative words were added. please help!

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Regarding SEO, the problem is not indexing. If you google "" you'll see that Google has already indexed your site.

Here's the problem. For example, you have a product "cherry seed remover". Put that into Google and what do you see in the organic rankings on the first page? Amazon, eBay, YouTube ... i.e. you have zero chance of outranking these sites for this keyword. Try that with a few other products and you'll probably see a pattern.

So you could do Adwords. Let's say you have a cost per click of $0.34 for "cherry seed remover". The average Adwords conversion rate across all industries is 2.7%, so you might need at least 37 clicks to make a sale. That's going to cost you $12 on a product that sells for $7.50. Doesn't make sense, does it?

Sorry to be negative, but I don't have any brilliant ideas. A few thoughts that may or may not work:

As a child I remember seeing a lot of videos in hardware stores for kitchen gadgets, so videos might be worth looking into. Also, there are a lot of afflilate marketing sites linking to kitchen gadgets on Amazon etc. You could see if you could cut a deal with one of them.

Think beyond the product to the reason people are buying. Maybe people are buying kitchen gadgets as gifts. If so, make ads/content about gift ideas for a [type of person]. Look at what others are doing and make something better.

Good luck!


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Hello, Loc Nguyen

As you told you have done little bit advertisement right?

Let me explain you in a simple way. If you selling a watch you its best, better, great, etc. But if you don't advertisement it how could the buyer will know about your product. So do some marketing of your product whatever it is. But I suggest you do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it the way to get traffic on your product and get ranking in google search engine. Do Some Off-page activities it good and easy. 

And if you have any issue with your online store you can contact Protonbits they are expert in resolving any Website, PHP or eCommerce issue.

I hope my reply is helpful

Thank You