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Need Help With Multiple Meta Descriptions

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Hello all, I am very new to SEO and marketing on an ecommerce website. I have been studying extremely hard and trying to do my best with SEO optimization. I did hire someone from freelancers, however I think they may have added content to my site which is considered High Risk according to Ubersuggest. Yes, so I signed up for Ubersuggests and did an evaluation of my site and everything is great other than 96 critical errors which are all duplicate meta descriptions. So my first question is when I added an app (SEO manager) and did my meta descriptions and titles through them, is this what is being counted as additional content?

Does Shopify already include meta data without having to get an additional SEO app for ranking? I noticed the meta description is added on each page of that category, instead of just the first page. For example, I have a category of Christmas Gifts, within that category I have 4 pages full of products. I guess on each one of those pages the meta description is showing up and is confusing google. I do not know how to even begin to look for the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi ShugarPlums,

I wouldn't worry too greatly about duplicate meta descriptions. Reason being Ubersuggest tries to reverse engineer what Google likes. Meta descriptions used to help, but are now automatically generated based don what is on your page and matching what someone is searching for.

Even if you defined all your meta descriptions, Google could easily overwrite them.

Make sure the copy on each page helps visitors achieve what they are looking to do, i.e. buy something. Google will work out the rest.

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Hi @ShugarPlums

Google actually never promises to use the content you write in meta description, either with a CMS (like Shopify) or with an SEO app. According to this guideline from Google, Google just sometimes uses <meta> tag content to generate snippets, if we think they give users a more accurate description than can be taken directly from the page content, and a Study from Ahrefs report that Google even rewrite your meta description 62.78% of the time

With that being said, duplicate meta description can be a not-so-good-thing, and I wager that the issue stems from having meta descriptions in both the SEO app and the SEO settings of your Shopify pages. I suggest that you remove the meta description in one of them. 

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Thank you so much for the advice. I did have to hire someone to help me fix the issues. Additionally, I chose to remove the SEO app as well. Just trying to get my site as best optimized as possible 🙂