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Need Marketing and Social Media!!

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How can I grow my business thorugh social media/marketing and seo. I have all the socials but little followers, how can I advertise my page? And SEO? Really trying to start on this but got no clue how

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Hey Eddie, I sent you a message about how I can help you to your Facebook page "How Cute Clothing", I look forward to hearing back from you!

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One way to go - AUTOMATE your social media marketing.

Use apps like This will help you with both engagement and acquisition. Basically the app does this - 

- Creates social media posts for yoru store so you don't have to

- Shares the posts on all social channels as per a schedule

- Provides you top traffic driving hashtags for the Instagram posts so you attract new people, fresh traffic to your store

This way you get design + posting + acquisition help via social media.

I see you have a clothing store. This is what your posts can look like:

You can customise the design.

Also, one thing that they are coming up with, that will be especially useful for you - When someone comments on your post, you will be able to send them a coupon code or discount automatically via messenger. Why is this important? This way you make sure that anyone who comments on your post is motivated to actually buy from you, become a customer!

Check them out and get a lot of the social media help you are seeling for FREE (7 days) and then at $10/month. Imagine how much you'd pay people you hire. Check here -

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Hey Eddie!

I can really help grow your presence in Google through SEO, it's what I do, and I have the rankings to prove it. 

If it's something you're interested in drop me a line 

Cheers dude,



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