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Need recommendation for Automated voice commerce platform?

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I registered to, but there are a three weeks waiting list. Does anyone know other platforms that enable me to sell my store product over Alexa and fully support Shopify??


I know from friends that with, the all store becomes accessible to customers using voice commands, and they can complete their entire sales cycle, from browsing products to placing an order - all using voice and showing the products on the screen of the device.


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Yes , There is a platform on Automated Voice AI side . , product by

I saw the video , it is amazing . Our customers can track orders, refunds, cancellations etc. I am thinking of using it for Dress365days , my ecommerce website . 

Right now they are offering free trial and looking the pricing looks quite cheap. 

Automated Voicebot video is here, they claim that they have built for all DTC companies.