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Need some feedback on my store, PLEASE!

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Hello everyone, 

I opened up a baby gift store begining of March, and since then Ive done some fb advertising and competitions, have around 1000 likes on fb since then and around 500 unique visits to my store but no sales.

I would really appreciate any kind of feedback on my website, as to me it all looks good, but maybe im just overwhelmed i finally opened that i cant even see im doing it all wrong.

I am really thankful for your time, and brutally honest feedback and any kind of suggestion is very welcome.

Thank you,


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Your site looks great!!

Keep pushing your social media, that is what I have been doing, I just keep posting and following people who hopefully will become potential customers. What I did was increase my instagram through a site called ulu Social I started with 100 followers and 6 months later I had 4000. I also kept posting to insragram and I did see an increase in sales. Happy selling!!

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Hey Lejla,

Saw your site. Some points that come to mind -

1) Include trust factors, like testimonials. Yes, you may say "I've got zero sales... duh", but get testimonials from anyone you may have sold the items physically too.

2) More importantly, see what are your drop off points. In Google Analytics you can set some "Goals", and see how many people reached a certain URL, such as cart webpage. Very easy to do. Then see ok, 500 visitors, of this how many reached the next stage (cart maybe), how many reached payment form and then how many were lost at that point.
Funnel could be like: Unique Vistors > Add to Cart > Payments form > Completed payment.

This way you can see exactly at what point is there a weakness, in which step people are dropping off and where you can improve something. No point improving the landing page, if it is at the payment part that people are dropping off. In that case in the payment part you can add helpful info such as your payment systems being secure, or show your return policy so that the person feels it is a low risk purchase. 

4) Last, 500 people visited your site and you got 1000 likes, in March itself! Nice. This is good 🙂 These people have shown a first level interest in your products. Now they need to be engaged and they would buy from you! They need to see a testimonial, or see your products more and more, or tempted by a limited time offer, a sale! A mother's day sale would be perfect for your store. Run these sales and deals. Post about them on ALL the social media channels. Don't skip any and miss out on potential sales from it. Create attractive social media posts.

Too much work? Don't do it on your own. And do not hire expensive freelancers to do it. Naww... Let OrangeTwig do it for you at $10/month. Start with a FREE TRIAL. OrangeTwig will create 100s of posts promoting your products in just a few minutes, and then also... automatically share these across ALL the social media channels. The posts will be something like this - 



Hope this helps 🙂 Try it out now!