Need someone to manage our email marketing

Need someone to manage our email marketing

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As per the title.


I know that email marketing (flows and automations in particular) is key to growing an online business, and I am capable of managing many aspects of it myself, however as our business grows, I find myself able to dedicate less and less time to that.


What are my options/your own experience with outsourcing email marketing? Any suggestions as far as agencies, freelancers, etc


I realize apps like Omnisend etc are very user friendly nowadays, however I don't have the material time atm to sit down and set it all up. 



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Hi👋, after reading your question, I think I can understand your situation. With the increase of business volume, you need to spend more and more time and energy in each section, so you want to host the EDM section, which is why we website plug-in operators exist.

You need most is email marketing app, at this time that I'd like to introduce you about QuickCEP related functions, automation marketing sector of the CEP will timely send email to customer, and will be in customers make different behaviors to different email, for example, send back mail when customers not to buy goods they browsedsend a thank-you email after customers place the order successfully, send an email when a customer hasn't returned to the site for a long time, and send an emails when we have a new marketing campaign. This is only the function of our EDM board, we have the function of online chatbot, as well as user behavior analysis and labeling,. Hope we can help to you🤗, is also welcome to contact with us at .

QuickCEP - A versatile assistant that combines Chatbot and EDM to improve conversion rates.
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I can suggest Klear. Another alternative influencer marketing platform that combines influencer search, communications, analytics and payments. Klear allows you to browse influencers by category with more advanced filters such as location, age, audience demographics, brand mentions and more. You can also choose between verified influencers and new entrants who have not yet been certified. I searched then, but didn't find any.

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Hey @thecword 

I have a good solution for what you're looking for.

AdScale is an Email marketing app on Shopify that helps you automate your marketing campaigns while getting great results.

You can choose from dozens of ready-made templates and email flows, letting you create campaigns in just a few clicks.

We also have managed service options available, which include full management of your campaigns, allowing you to focus on managing your business.

With hundreds of great reviews and a 4.7 star rating on Shopify, I believe this can be a great solution for your needs.

If you are interested in hearing more, don't hesitate to reach out.

Hope this helped!

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