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We are looking for an SEO firm or individual who has strong technical expertise. We operate multiple sites and are concerned that duplicate content across our sites may be hurting us. We have large sites with as many as 80,000 pages but a very small percentage are indexed. We are a small business and don't have the time or expertise to address the technical aspects of SEO.  We appreciate any suggestions.

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There are plenty of accomplished technical SEO experts over here. What is your main issue when it comes to the duplicate content? Is it more to do with duplicate content within one website, or a few websites having the same content? In the first instance, a canonical rule can solve a problem, in the second instance, we would have to rewrite the pages/tags etc. I'd love to help - I've been specializing in SEO since 2007 and have helped a number of businesses improve their Google rank through technical SEO. 


It would be great if we could chat before the project, so I could learn more about your current situation, your long term goals, and your strategy so far. Feel free to book your free chat via the link below: 


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Do not spend money on a consultant, there are some really good apps on the store.
My go-to plugin for SEO is SEO Doctor.

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No app can increase your rankings except to give a boost to your low competition keywords nor they can maintain serious SEO. You would need professionals to do ongoing work to keep you in the competition. If you need help please let me know, we are also the developers behind popular SEO app SEOMetriks in the Shopify App Store.

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