Need to fix Rich Snippets/Structured Data. Please Help!

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When using the Google Structured Data Tool, I received warnings (meaning they cannot analyze site properly).  

3 are on my product page (  showing the below warning:

-2 organizations

-opening hours and opening dates of the company

-an error for offers, that I believe is saying should say "offer" - I made this changed and the warning turned to an error so that was not correct.  

My home page ( is showing similar errors, plus the one below:

-Price (showing $25.00, I believe it should only be 25.00


If anyone can help me out that would be amazing, I am not able to setup rich cards or complete the data highlighter until then. 


Thanks in advance!



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If you have structured data you don't need to us (nor should you) the data highlighter. It is for cases where you can't mark up your page.

Rich Cards are for only a few select entity types, none of which are typically used on an ecommerce site. e.g. recipe. So you probably won't see anything in that report. Look at the Structured Data report for the stuff you mark up.

The Organizations you have marked up should only be on the home page, you should merge them into the one entity.

To support opening hours you need to change it from Organization to LocalBusiness and correct the markup according to the specification:

You have defined the offers property and entity twice. Remove the second instance and that will clear up that issue. You have also marked up availability and currency twice but not marked up itemCondition.

Price should not include the $. Do it something like this:

<span class="product-single__price-number" itemprop="price" content="25.00"><span class="money">$25.00</span></span>



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