Need to get more conversions!!

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Hi Guys-


I have created and been marketing an ecommerce site Dad Hat Supply Co., and need to generate more sales! I have recently began using Google shopping ads, and have seen some good results with a little bit of ad spend, but now I am really trying to take it to the next level. I was getting a max CPC of $0.35, and about 1 sale in every 4 clicks. Now, I want to start spending about $800/day in the ad spend, to generate 700+ sales/day, however the campaign isn't spending the amount of money we set the budget to each day.  Why is that? I have been advised that it takes some time for the budget to start spending all in a day, but I wanted to ask here.

What am I not doing that I need to to increase the conversions? I included a screenshot of our conversion funnel, and would appreciate someone reaching out!

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Check the search impression lost column to see if you can get more impressions. If you are at 10% that you pretty much exhausted all potential impressions with your current impression ranking.

Please note that Google limits impressions based on price of the products, quality and information provided in the data feed, etc...

So the total impressions you currently can get, is not the real limit, it is only the limit based on the quality of your setup.

So I recommend improving the data feed if you are already at 10% for search impression lost.

Also look at Dynamic Remarketing and Audience Retargeting to increase traffic.


Hope it helps.

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Probably you should demonstrate that your store is crowded by other buyers. There are many nice social proof apps in the app store, but would love you to try ours.

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