Need your advice about email marketing and SMS marketing

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Hi, I’m struggling with the marketing thing. I have installed Klaviyo app to do email marketing, but the result is not good. Should I switch to SMS marketing to increase ROI and purchasing ratio? Please give me some suggestions, I'm really confused right now.

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Hey, @JessiH!

Julie here from Shopify Support.

When it comes to marketing struggles, you're not alone! Marketing can be confusing and complicated, but with a focus on email marketing, it sounds like you're on the right track. 

Comparing email marketing with SMS marketing, there are quite a few stark differences. For example, email marketing provides you with an opportunity to showcase your brand through engaging content and imagery, whereas SMS marketing leaves you limited with the number of characters you can send in a message. It's also a lot easier to capture customer email addresses than phone numbers, as most customers are generally accustomed to receiving order updates via email. 

However, the success of both email marketing and SMS marketing really boils down to your marketing goals and what you're looking to achieve; if you are wanting to promote a flash sale, for instance, then SMS marketing would be a quick and easy way to share a discount code with customers. If you're wanting to announce a new product, on the other hand, then an email with product images would probably be a better option. That being said, if you'd like to explore SMS marketing, then it's definitely worth a shot! In fact, it actually looks like Klaviyo offers SMS marketing, which you can learn more about here

Before you decide to abandon email marketing altogether, I'd love to hear more about your email marketing strategy and what you've been doing so far. What kind of content have you been sharing in your emails? How many subscribers do you have? What are your open rates like? 

Don't get yourself down if you think your open rates are too low! When it comes to email marketing, having your customers open the email is half the battle; you're likely competing with a ton of other promotional emails in your customers' inbox, so it's important to make sure that yours stand out with a catchy subject line.

If you're looking for some ideas on how to improve your subject lines, I suggest checking out our guide, "Email Marketing Best Practices: How to Improve (Almost) Every Email". Near the beginning of this guide, you'll get some tips on how to craft an effective subject line. This guide also includes a ton of other great pieces of advice on how to create successful email marketing campaigns, so it's definitely worth a thorough read. 

Marketing can be tough, but you have the rest of the Shopify Community here to support you. Feel free to share some more information about your current marketing activities; I'd love to offer further guidance!

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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This comparison between email marketing and SMS marketing will help you to choose

Open Rate
SMS messages boast a 98% open rate, compared to 20% for email.

Click Rate
29% of recipients click on a link in an SMS message they receive. In contrast, average email click-through rates hover around 2.5%.

SMS marketing requires customers to explicitly opt in, so your list includes only engaged customers who want to hear from you.

Email is an overly saturated marketing channel. The average office worker receives 121 emails per day.

Fewer companies run SMS marketing campaigns, which means you have a higher chance of standing out in your audiences’ inboxes.

Response Rate
It takes the average person 90 minutes to respond to an email and 90 seconds to respond to a text.

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Hey @JessiH 

Email marketing is a really powerful tool! The key about email marketing is in the strategy. Email marketing as to be done quite cleverly so that the results are the best!

When thinking about emails marketing vs sms marketing, there isn't one better than the other because they are very different and it all depends on your goals!

We are an email marketing agency that was created to help people like you! We have an incredible team that knows how email works and we can take the best out of every business.

We would love to help, this is our email and we dedicate a lot of time to each of our clients, contact us and we will find the best way to help you!

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Hi @JessiH ! 

As you mention that the result of your email marketing is "not good", can you be more detailed about this? Cause the result of an email marketing campaign is affected by many factors.

For example, we would suggest a successful email marketing should be followed by these steps: 

  • Optizming your store: Your store should be impressive enough to attract more customers. In particular, you should design an eye - catching Home Page, Product Page, etc, to keep viewers stay on your store. Moreover, you should be aware that a trustful store is icluded all of these terms like "Term of Policies", "Payment Policies", "Shipping Policies", etc. Therefore, don't forget to include all these kinds of information if you want build trust for your store to impress more customers. 
  • Marketing your store: Once you finish setting up you store, the following step is promoting it. Targetting is very important to get customers coming to your store. Thus, you should choose the right platform which target the right audience for your niche to run ads. Otherwise, you will loose much money running ads without any traffic to your store.

Since you've already used Klaviyo to make email marketing, we assume that you already have customer data. Hence, you have higher chance to promote your store to the right audience and get more viewers to your store. And in case you're still confused about your results, you can consider combining email marketing and SMS marketing. We provide SMS marketing tool which can help like Messent app. This app allows you to create SMS flow and SMS marketing campaign which can approach more customers, increase open rate and reduce abandon rate. 

For more information, you can check this guidance: Messent: Your truly wizard for SMS marketing

Hope this post can be helpful for your. And don't hesitate to send us direct messages for further information! 

Best regards, 

FireApps Team  

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Hey Jessi,


Honestly, both channels are great. One solution with Klaviyo could be trying a more personalized email copy. You might find better results. Do check out best practices for this.

I think both SMS and email are must to have. You can start SMS marketing with TxtCart for free to see how it works. It lets you send SMS campaigns and even set up cart recovery. Hope this helps! 

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I had told the same thing to my client that Klaviyo is not good. 

Switch to MailChimp. What other channels are you using in terms of digital ? Let me know i can help.



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Yes, you should go for SMS marketing. SMS marketing is a powerful secret weapon for all Shopify merchants with a whopping 98% open rate to enhance customer relationships.

Here is the list of the best SMS marketing services for Shopify.

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Thankfully you're using Klaviyo, which does both. I'd recommend testing to see which gets better results.


You should also try to find out where the issue is:

  • Are the wrong customers in your funnel?
  • Is your message just not converting?
  • Is your list too small?
  • Etc.

One other thing to try is to leverage any other existing audiences you have. For example, if you have a large Instagram following you could try using Instagram giveaways to get your followers onto your email list.

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