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New anti-spam law in UK?

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Hi guys,

I've been told to be careful regarding a new law being introduced in the UK regarding mailing lists and email marketing.

I'm not entirely sure what the details are, I'm having trouble locating the exact information online. 

If anyone here is aware of the changes, will I be OK using Shopify sign ups + Privy pop up email opt-in and Mailchimp for email marketing?

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Hi, Jonathon

I think this laws and policies applied only to huge spammers and companies that sending millions of emails daily. But for a tiny individual, ls it's not important.

To be safe, you have to lower your bounce rate and make sure your mailing lists clean and send in weekly or monthly bases.

Also, you can declare some rules while customers asked to sign-up for mail list.

Hope this help 🙂

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