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[NEW Ecom Challange] Only For eCom Store Owners with an email list that wants MONEY.

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Hey Guys.

My name is Yossi Trabelsi - you could call me Joseph (or Joe :).
It's been a while since I have visited this forum.
Anyway, something I wanted to share with you all.

This is actually BLOWING my mind.
I have been networking with a ton of
Shopify ecom store owners
and almost NO one is doing
email marketing. 

It's been that the 
easiest way to grow your business
is simply by getting your current customers to spend more
the most expensive way to grow
 is getting NEW customers.

My Challange: Let me manage your email marketing for 1 month completely FREE
 and get you 10%-30% more sales
 from your current customers
 (while keeping your brand and message intact).

This is a totally turn-key
and free as well.
You get a boost in business
and I get a great testimonial for mine. 

Fear enough?
Let me know if this interests you!

Joepsh (Yossi)

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dude quit using the exact script your losing it for everybody !