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Hi Shopify Community! 


We're building an app called VOLO for the amazing entrepreneurs growing their businesses on Shopify. VOLO is an alternative to advertising, and it lets merchants scale word of mouth by investing in virality directly. We combine coupons, with cashback, with referral marketing to help you achieve maximum network effects. We're calling it "freeferrals."


Traditionally, word of mouth can only be invested into indirectly. We buy ads, make content, get influencers with the hope that lightning will strike. But if you have a great product, people are already talking about it! What if there was a tool to motivate them to share the link to your store, and for you to have a read on that attribution?


The core of our solution is based on recursive incentives. Each purchase in a chain of recommendations is linked to its "parent" - every parent gets cashback on a portion of their original purchase for each child, grandchild, and on. Up to the full purchase price. Hence "freeferring" — getting the item you have recommended for free. We've run tests, surveys, focus groups - it works, people love the concept. Now we're looking for stores that are ready to see it work for themselves. 


Sounds interesting? We just launched our first pilot at TGT Wallets ( and it's going great**! We're looking for the next cohort of stores to partner with and if you think it might be you - check out our partner presentation link below and reach out to me at


Thanks for reading! 


** Use my code 7JXZA for a 15% discount and get your own code at checkout. 


- Andrew @ VOLO





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